I write about feelings, spirituality, and people I've met, or admire. I want to convey inspiration, hope, faith, and love with my music. I want to contribute to humanity by giving comfort to those who lost their loved ones and who are afraid of life.”

— Sydöstran Newspaper, Lottie Håkansson. (Originally translated from Swedish)

What's up?

Dear fans! Here you will find various news from my music journey, that I would love to share with you in this blog.

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Good times!

Dear friends! I hope that you are well where you are!

I thought to share some good memories with you. Last week I had a pleasant travel to Uppsala where I stayed with Magnus Peterson and his daughter for…

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Latest School Concert

A year ago I was invited to do a school tour along with the bass player, Lars Winberg. Now, my connection with uncle Lars is that I married his niece. The first time that I met him was at…

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An evening with The Electric Jazz Orchestra

What an amazing time I had last night, listening to The Electric Jazz Orchestra at Restaurang Landbron. Such a high standard; I think that every musician in town should have been there to experience this bundle of inspiration. I could…

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A flow of love and inspiration

                                              Drawing by: Stephanie Verstift

In life I realise that we do not always look at ourselves enough…Read more

Latest tracks


Mpho Ludidi

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Izibongo (Praises) is a single delivered in the Afro-Jazz style. With the charm of his language, isiZulu, Mpho Ludidi praises the women of South Africa who daily mother the nation through their wisdom and love in every aspect of life; remembering the ones who fought for freedom against colonization and apartheid.

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Check this calendar and see if you will be nearby any of Mpho Ludidi's upcoming shows and be sure to come! Your evening will be filled with Afro-Soul that leaves your spirit filled with new strength and a desire for life. 

Mpho Ludidi sings in a way that you can feel every emotion his songs are written with, even if they are sung in  isiZulu and Xhosa, through its rhythmtic and groove this music will bring you to a new level of wonders. 

'Hope to see you there!