Mpho Ludidi is an Afro-Soul singer-songwriter whose roots come from the South African up-tempo and musically colorful hood, Katlehong, in Johannesburg, where he first got introduced to Soul and Jazz music; and influences from the calm countryside of Matatiele where he picked up his African vocals.


He studied Popular Music at Central Johannesburg College for three years. Although he majored in guitar, he gained confidence among the teachers as a backing vocalist; which made him one of the top two students to be picked for backing one of the greatest Afro-Jazz artists in South Africa, Gloria Bosman. In South Africa, he worked as a backing vocalist, music producer, and songwriter for various artists.


In 2014, Mpho Ludidi’s life took an unexpected turn when he met and fell in love with a Scandinavian woman, whom he now is married to and lives together with in Sweden.


Since Mpho Ludidi resides in Blekinge county, he got introduced to the organization, Musik i Blekinge and their Jazz/World music Duo, Unit, who are part of different music projects. The organization found Mpho Ludidi and his music unique to the Swedish music scene and produced his first released Maxi-single, Ithemba, in the year 2016; a Pop/Soul-CD with influences of Sting, and Richard Bona feel, as part of a planned music project. In the year 2017, he released his latest single titled Izibongo (Praises); A song that celebrates the strength and love of South African women. Here he brought in a more Afro-Jazz style. His Afro-Soul music reflects the Xhosa and Zulu folk music of South Africa with extracts of Blues, Afro-Jazz, Gospel, and Soul music. The music also carries traces of a colorful upbringing and life story. In combination with his smooth, musical voice and soft appearance has his music left an impact in the hearts of the Scandinavian people.


Not only in Scandinavia has his music been well-received. In the year 2018, he was nominated for the 16th Independent Music Awards in New York in the category of R&B/Soul, with his song Ithemba. The same year one of the world’s greatest music magazines, RollingStone India, acknowledged Mpho Ludidi’s performance to be one of the ten best finds at the Live At Heart festival.

In Sweden, other artists have come to recognize and value his singing voice and excellent skills in songwriting. He has, therefore, had the pleasure of being featured in various music projects, one of them being Sebastian Stakset's album titled Genom vatten och eld on the song, Son of God year 2018.


His latest single, As One, released in the year 2019, is a blend of Afro-Soul and pop that reminds of the simplicity and seriousness of Tracy Chapman’s early music. The recording of, As One, was an urgent response to the current ignorance and violence in South Africa, and with a sincere voice, Mpho Ludidi sings to inspire a new atmosphere of love and forgiveness.


In the year 2019, he has been touring in schools around Blekinge and Kalmar county with the band, Unit and Hip-hop/Soul singer Adée. Mpho Ludidi is currently working on his Gospel album (Love Defined), which will be an expression of his awareness of God's love for himself and the world.