Groovy Jam session

Today I went to the concert and jam session arranged by Musik i Blekinge and the feeling of just being in the midst of so many united musicians was to be treasured.
Uncle Harold Jefta was so soothing on his clarinet and my only cry was that nobody was documenting that moment, only in the hearts of the ones that were present will it remain, however, our joy will always express it in all our lifetime... we are really blessed in Karlskrona and in all the world to still have one of the few remaining legends in the Jazz music world.

I am really happy also to see Unit leading this generation to greater heights with their versatility in the music... my opinion and view of this is that they have now become an institution; every time I hear them is a music and life session for me.

Look out for live clips of tonight where I played a tune with Unit.

Till next time...All my love!

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