A flow of love and inspiration

                                              Drawing by: Stephanie Verstift

In life I realise that we do not always look at ourselves enough with appreciation and I think that we should if we want to give a bigger flow of love to the world.
Some people…

End of tour

It is the end of the week and I can only look back to beautiful memories as I was on tour with Kristofer Johansson (drums) and Jonas Castell (Bass).
The tour was filled with so much love; first from the…

Gratitudes of the year 2016

One is made out of much diversity. I usually say that I do not take credit to who I am because I am a product of the ones that I have come across in my life.
As a boy I…

Reflections of the week

So much can happen in a single day and so much more within a week. I believe that it is a good thing to take time and reflect on everything and put your house in order.
By house I mean…

Sweet times in Denmark

This past week I went to Denmark for a school tour with Lars Winberg, a lovely person and so fun and easy to play with; we spoke the same language on stage.
We had two days to prepare and that…

An evening in Karlshamn

I believe that musicians should always be healthy in their hearts and moments of jamming like these are to be treasured since they give an opportunity of fellowship.
When we come together like this, even though we come from different…

Groovy Jam session

Today I went to the concert and jam session arranged by Musik i Blekinge and the feeling of just being in the midst of so many united musicians was to be treasured.
Uncle Harold Jefta was so soothing on his…


Some weeks ago we were up early in the morning for the first day of the music video shoot. It was so exciting to finally get the camera rolling, capturing some beautiful ideas that narrates the song, Ithemba from my…

Countryside inspiration for my music and life

Rest is something very important to me as a musician who loves to live life from my spirit out. 
In this time I have decided to have my base in Karlskrona, a small beautiful city with lots of Islands, friendly…

Adée's album release concert

                                              Photo: Media Huset Kalmar

Here I am on stage with Adée on her release concert singing a song that she featured me in on her album Addicted. She was totally amazing and she gave her heart throughout the whole concert…