A flow of love and inspiration

                                              Drawing by: Stephanie Verstift

In life I realise that we do not always look at ourselves enough with appreciation and I think that we should if we want to give a bigger flow of love to the world.
Some people do not even look at themselves in the mirror after washing while some will have a mirror in their bedroom, two long ones at the corridor and one just on the front door of their house to look at themselves.

I believe that a balance between these two is good enough, don't you?
When we do this within our hearts observing all of our gifts; the first being our own personalities, we will be able to continue to grow in the best things that we are, both for ourselves and for the vast world out there.
This is self appreciation and if you don't have it, you may give but the stream that you give from will be lacking love; it might be through many other inspirations that you give but love.

I am saying all of this to highlight a love being,Stephanie Verstift who made a drawing of me after an inspiring concert with Jonas Castell and Kristofer Johansson two weeks ago.  

There are many women who's lives inspire me and Stephanie Verstift is named among them. She is confident in what she does and takes up challenges in life with a good character of faith, hope and love reflected from within her balanced heart.

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