Latest School Concert

A year ago I was invited to do a school tour along with the bass player, Lars Winberg. Now, my connection with uncle Lars is that I married his niece. The first time that I met him was at his birthday party where I got a chance to jam with him and his sons...we had a good time and later he talked to me about doing some school concerts and that just sat home in me, very much so because while I was in South Africa, I often thought about such events. When I was a kid, there came to our school a group of actors and they entertained us so well with their drama and inspired us for goodness so much that I have never stopped thinking about them, and now one of my biggest desires is to do the same for other kids.

Anyway, he made it possible to have a Denmark school tour and this year we were blessed to be joined by a Mozambican drummer, Deodato Siquir, who now has colored the music so well with his balanced personality and love on the drums and outside the stage; having had done so many school tours himself, he was at home when we went to Tornbjerg gymnasium last Tuesday.

Here is a link from last week's gig, Mpho Ludidi Trio - Tornbjerg Gymnasium website link check us out :-)

Keep the love,

Mpho Ludidi

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