Life in a beautiful box

The times we are living in cause some of us to live inside our beautiful boxes while thinking outside.  

I hope that you are comfortable in your box where you have found yourself in. These spaces can be useful for us if we design them creatively and allow them to get with the times. It does not matter where you are in life; with the right knowledge, the possibilities are endless. 

My prayer these days is not for money but light to see where we are and direction on what to do. I want to know what life means in the year 2020 and how I could be the perfect element in it. I have my music, and the most essential thing is a timely message that will give light and help somebody to find his/her unique path. I want my message to provide enough imagination to inspire the first step towards a fulfilled life. I invite you to think about this and find ways to apply it in your life. 

People are running to and fro as they are faced with new challenges that they might not have planned for. Clearly, life is communicating with us and demands some sort of newness in our thinking. We can do this! You and I are counted among those who will finish strong. I know that this might not sound humble, but we have a choice to make, why should we let the circumstances of life make decisions for us? We have to say such bold statements in order not to find ourselves in a sleep mode but be activated through the way we see ourselves.  

I believe in our generation, and I also know that we must commune with ourselves in silence and with God and be at peace. Then we will be able to see and perceive the needs of this time.  

I am still talking about our lives in beautiful boxes as we await a time where we will be let loose to run the streets once more. 

Faithfulness is necessary right now. This is the time where we should be careful not to be lovers of self, only doing the things that will benefit us and not society. The way we choose to rearrange the usage of our skills should be carefully considered. Let us come out of this better and not worse. We have to turn towards goodness and selflessness. Let us listen to the voice of time and take our second chance and do good for a change. Let us be trusted vessels, doing all things in honesty; in this way, we have a perfect end. Think about it; if you were to die right now from the virus that we are facing, what will you be remembered by? 
We have lived in ignorance of our souls, being robots waking up to make money and sleeping with that same money in the nights instead of our partners. Perhaps we are given a second chance; well, you choose how you want to see it. The way you see determines whether you will be in peace or strife. 

What we do for work was designed by the needs of society. When we grow up, we gravitate towards those things fore-laid for us by our predecessors. But where does this put us when we have to be level one forerunners again ourselves? There is hope; therefore, we should not panic about these things. Life is calling for us to look at simplicity once more to redesign our spaces. There is good in everything if we choose to see it.


Photographer: Nanna Ludidi

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