Missing Home (South Africa)

Over the years I have managed to master my emotions, at least that is what I had chosen to believe until this time. I find myself thinking and dreaming about South Africa; being there and hearing the music and being with the people. I left some friends there, and I am not sure how they are doing, are we still close? Would they tell me if things are not going the way that they had hoped? Such come to my mind. 

Recently, the Holy Spirit told me that I should not put such a burden upon myself but pray to Him to take care of every situation; to ask for wisdom and receive grace for everything. Now what that means is that my worry will not make anything work out for anyone but will only make me sick. 

I come out of it all; this is a decision that I make now, and I invite you to do the same. I will stop worrying and start singing songs of hope. Keep the heart free, and everything will fall into place. If my heart is healthy, then I am more likely to inspire others to keep a healthy heart that is full of hope. 

Let us do this together; let us have a worry-free life. Wohoooo!

I have here a video from one of the school concerts that I do in Sweden. Here I am accompanied by, Musik i Blekinge Duo, Unit.

Sijabulile (We are happy) is a song that I wrote with the feeling of being in Matatiele, South Africa, where I partly grew up as my grandfather's youngest son. Enjoy:


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