Shouts of love, forgiveness and a way forward

What you might not know about me is that I have a younger brother, Ngcebo Ludidi, who is a House music producer and DJ.  
A year ago, Ngcebo sent me a song from his group Nativezz to feature on. During that time, South Africa was facing the most wicked thing I had ever heard about, the news about boyfriends kidnapping and killing their girlfriends was covering the nation with fear and darkness.  

"When darkness seems to be dominant, the light should shine even brighter." So, I wrote the lyrics to Intombi za'Baba, calling out to every man who would think to do anything as wrong as this. 

The crisis took place a year ago. In this year, twenty nineteen, As the struggle for our women to be free from fear continued, more bad news came along. This time I decided to record and release my latest single, As One. This release came as a response to two incidents; the murders of our women in South Africa and also the Xenophobic attacks that I previously posted about on my blog.

I am not sure if you notice that my tone is not aggressive at all as I write this post; that is because I have seen a way to our hope. I have found hope for our world; I say world because this is not a South African issue, the same thing is taking place all over the world, only with a different face. 

We all have something to give according to the grace in our lives. So, if you can inspire, please use that gift, it is not just for you, share it, and if you can smile and have the next person feel a warmth in the chest, we need your smile right now.  

These are serious issues, but there is a way to handle them. They were meant to make us feel heavy, think hard, and be angry; however, the continuation of all terror start in this way. If we have to respond to this, it will have to be with goodness and love. An evil response will only give rise to more evil. 

So, what do we do then? We forgive, we do our best to understand that the wicked people were not born evil but were shaped by their environment to be the way they are today. Perhaps we may not fix our world today, but hope remains if we start to condition the new generation. If we manifest goodness, kindness, and forgiveness in front of these young ones and write songs that reflect such qualities, we will win. So, come on, let us do this together.

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