photo: Nanna Ludidi, title: Stolen Moments

There are so many people out there in the world and I am happy and grateful for the ones that I get to interact with; in person or even just from a distance through the ability of observation and appreciation. I always like to engage. I talk to superstars and the other superstars that we never really see. They are interesting alike to me because they have chosen to be in their world and it is such a pleasure to be welcomed to share together with them and get to see and feel how they spend their lives.

One should live life purposefully; I mean, sometimes the challenges in life push us to choose which path we should go and through fear one easily chooses a safer way in life. Now my question is this: How will you say that you have won a race when you never ran it? 

Growing up I never thought that I could be a solo musician, even after I had chosen to take the call. I remember once, a prophet told me that I was a solo artist, I said no, I am not a solo artist! The wise man never bothered to argue with me. Years later I find myself giving up everything that could ever mean something; I mean I have lost so many people for the sake of being in my world.

The path becomes more and more narrow when you know and accept who you really are and the people that do not add to your path fall off along the way, even as you become more and more aware of where you are going.

This is the story of my life. I do not chase after anything, I believe that God has given me everything for my journey; the love, the music, people and more. I live without any care but sometimes people ask this of me, they feel that I should show a sense of worry a bit; they want me to be human a little. Well, these are the things that we were taught in life but they are really unnecessary, don't you think? Why worry about a glass of water when it is freely given to you? Ok, let me get to my point now.

This is me behind the stage waiting for my turn to be on the big stage at the Karlskrona Skärgårdsfest... I never saw it coming. I would be participating in the opening of the festival with Lulu; my guitar that is named after Lulu Dikana, my late friend, check out her music.

Paula Gullbing, another superstar in my life would introduce me and I would sing two songs that should inspire love and courage. For love, I took from my upcoming single, As One, and from courage and boldness, I took Phuma. I think that by now I should be thinking that I am a superstar, however, this is really taking me long because I never think of such things when it comes to me... I wonder if they possess any grace... I will never know until I test it.

Well, I will close this up for now but before that, I just want to give my best appreciation to Skärgårdsfest for having such a festival and for having me share my music with the people. Love to PingstKyrkan Karlskrona for having me at one of the festivals days on their stage, it was very nice to share from my upcoming Worship music project with you.

With love,

/Mpho Ludidi

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