The love we are (Africa)

A month ago, Mundekulla Festival contacted me and asked if I would like to be a part of their festival, which was in honor of the ones that walked before us; I said yes. I would be representing Africa in this event. 

Soon the time for me to be there had come, and the most exciting things started to happen to me. As I was on my way there waiting for my taxi to pick me up from the station at Emmaboda; an African gentleman was sitting and eating his delicious looking pancakes with some red kind of jam, it looked good. The brother says to me after we had told our highs and how are yous; "Join me," and slides his fork over to me. Wow, how African that was. I just started to think about home and the South African saying, "the children of the same will share a single bird head." To honor the brother, I took one bite, as it would not be suitable for my voice to even have that one piece before singing.

I went on to the concert and had a fantastic time talking about my African people. The show was over, and I had to travel North by train that night. I got to a station where I had to wait an hour for my next train. There came a young man on a bicycle, he was also African, as to our culture we said greetings, and then I told him that I was hungry. Since it is around eleven in the night, the shops were closed, but he took me to a small chines street food corner where I got something to eat. I could see that the young man would do his best to help me in his neighborhood. I shared some older brotherly wisdom with him and something to drink as he walked me back to the station.

Now, as you can hear, my African siblings in South Africa; we as Africans take so much care of each other in foreign lands; I am because of my brethren here. When I first came to Sweden as an unknown musician, my African brothers came even from Denmark to support me in doing a non-paying gig that could hardly take care of their transport; we are one outside of Africa, let us be one inside also. Be creative! The land is enough for all of us. Instead of burning down your neighbor's mini shop, start your own if you believe that you can compete. What is this foolishness that we see on the news? I meet your brothers here, and they love me so much, but I always have to say I am sorry for hurting them. It is not good. Love yourself, my South African brother and sister, and remember what your neighbors did for you in the previous years. 

Click here to listen to two songs by Mpho Ludidi, live at Mundekullafestivalen 

Photographer: Nanna Ludidi

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