What are you made of?

Sitting and working on my garden in preparation for the idea of hosting home/garden concerts, I find myself with the question, What Are You made of? Such questions go around me all the time, and I usually take a moment to answer them. 

I wonder if you have ever come across this question in your life? To continue to grow, we have a lot of questions to respond to, and the answer to them would be a pathway to our next step in life. When we respond, it is imperative that we are honest and in total surrender in our hearts and be ready to receive from the transaction in the dialog.

I have already answered in my heart, and what about you? I want to share my response with you. The first thing that came to mind was; I am made up of faith, hope, and love. This kind of combination is the type that gets you winning on every side. I have faith that God has given me everything that pertains to life and Godliness; it is within my makeup. With hope, I can endure the tests of time as I walk towards the materialization of all that I have in Christ. And with love, I can keep and maintain everything when it has been realized; to keep a humble heart, share with those who are on their way to their own, and best of all, always remember God and stay in fellowship with Him.

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