Write your own story

Today I had an exciting and most beautiful day talking and singing for Af Chapman gymnasiet students. It was an online event, and I did it from my home studio. 

I was talking about my life in South Africa as a little boy growing up around music up to the time when I consciously took music as a significant part of my life.

I said many things, but I reflected on it the most when I spoke about owning your story in life. I have always done my best to protect my account and made sure that I live by it; however, at some point, I lost it and had let other people write and tell my story. I always knew that the story told of me was not complete, and it kept me in a small place. In the year 2020, my soul cried to be set free, and I started my giant steps towards freedom, basically to show and tell my own story to people without fear of losing anyone. When you tell your story, some people might not feel comfortable with you, and if they go away, it is good for you. I can tell you that losing the fear of rejection has gained me much more hope and fulfillment in life.

What is your story, and who is telling it? Please make sure to own your account, and if you feel that your story is not helping you, write a new one. We were all born to be happy, but somewhere along the way, the lack of love has robbed us of that good thing, but "the love of God is shared abroad in our hearts" Romans 5:5, and we can always hang on to it as we build up ourselves.

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