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Blending Afro-Jazz, soul and more, Mpho Ludidi certainly sings from as pure a heart as they come. With a powerful voice that flows over smooth jazz settings, Ludidi sings to harken back to his Xhosa and Zulu folk roots. ”

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Dear fans! Here you will find various news from my music journey, that I would love to share with you in this blog.

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Life in a beautiful box

The times we are living in cause some of us to live inside our beautiful boxes while thinking outside.  

I hope that you are comfortable in your box where you have found yourself in. These spaces can be useful for…

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The love we are (Africa)

A month ago, Mundekulla Festival contacted me and asked if I would like to be a part of their festival, which was in honor of the ones that walked before us; I said yes. I would be representing Africa in…

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Missing Home (South Africa)

Over the years I have managed to master my emotions, at least that is what I had chosen to believe until this time. I find myself thinking and dreaming about South Africa; being there and hearing the music and being…

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                                                                                        photo: Nanna Ludidi, title: Stolen Moments

There are so many people out there in the world and I am happy and grateful for the ones that I get to interact with; in person or even just from a distance…

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Izibongo (Praises) is a single delivered in the Afro-Jazz style. With the charm of his language, isiZulu, Mpho Ludidi praises the women of South Africa who daily mother the nation through their wisdom and love in every aspect of life; remembering the ones who fought for freedom against colonization and apartheid.

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