I wonder if George Floyd knew... 

This morning I bicycled by three Swedish high school girls. One of them raised her fist to the sky for me with the most beautiful smile and sincerity in her eyes, then I thought to myself, I wonder if George Floyd knew?  

I wonder if he knew that he was a type of Jesus, a seed kept alive to die early for the whole world to come alive in unity against racism.  

His face against the ground left a print on the earth; our hearts, banners, and social media profile pictures. This beautiful black man's face rests on people's chests as the face of change. Indeed, he was a messenger. 

Now here is a message that I live with the world. Be angry, but do not let the anger lead you to sin, let it not last through to the next day, lest you be trapped in the past and make the death of brother George Floyd ineffective. Remember the result that his face has brought and maintain that instead of hatred. The whole world is listening; now, let us also remember Tata, Nelson Mandela, as we address it. This journey has far come to the point of love, and only love can sustain this newness of life.  

Refusing to forgive is a trap, and we must avoid it by all means because if we don't, even sickness has a way into our souls and bodies. If we do forgive, we will have access to health and all the goodness of life as provided by God. 

I think that if George Floyd knew, he would have told us this very thing. I imagine that if only he could breathe long enough, he would probably say, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.

Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi

Life in a beautiful box 

The times we are living in cause some of us to live inside our beautiful boxes while thinking outside.  

I hope that you are comfortable in your box where you have found yourself in. These spaces can be useful for us if we design them creatively and allow them to get with the times. It does not matter where you are in life; with the right knowledge, the possibilities are endless. 

My prayer these days is not for money but light to see where we are and direction on what to do. I want to know what life means in the year 2020 and how I could be the perfect element in it. I have my music, and the most essential thing is a timely message that will give light and help somebody to find his/her unique path. I want my message to provide enough imagination to inspire the first step towards a fulfilled life. I invite you to think about this and find ways to apply it in your life. 

People are running to and fro as they are faced with new challenges that they might not have planned for. Clearly, life is communicating with us and demands some sort of newness in our thinking. We can do this! You and I are counted among those who will finish strong. I know that this might not sound humble, but we have a choice to make, why should we let the circumstances of life make decisions for us? We have to say such bold statements in order not to find ourselves in a sleep mode but be activated through the way we see ourselves.  

I believe in our generation, and I also know that we must commune with ourselves in silence and with God and be at peace. Then we will be able to see and perceive the needs of this time.  

I am still talking about our lives in beautiful boxes as we await a time where we will be let loose to run the streets once more. 

Faithfulness is necessary right now. This is the time where we should be careful not to be lovers of self, only doing the things that will benefit us and not society. The way we choose to rearrange the usage of our skills should be carefully considered. Let us come out of this better and not worse. We have to turn towards goodness and selflessness. Let us listen to the voice of time and take our second chance and do good for a change. Let us be trusted vessels, doing all things in honesty; in this way, we have a perfect end. Think about it; if you were to die right now from the virus that we are facing, what will you be remembered by? 
We have lived in ignorance of our souls, being robots waking up to make money and sleeping with that same money in the nights instead of our partners. Perhaps we are given a second chance; well, you choose how you want to see it. The way you see determines whether you will be in peace or strife. 

What we do for work was designed by the needs of society. When we grow up, we gravitate towards those things fore-laid for us by our predecessors. But where does this put us when we have to be level one forerunners again ourselves? There is hope; therefore, we should not panic about these things. Life is calling for us to look at simplicity once more to redesign our spaces. There is good in everything if we choose to see it.


Photographer: Nanna Ludidi

Shouts of love, forgiveness and a way forward 

What you might not know about me is that I have a younger brother, Ngcebo Ludidi, who is a House music producer and DJ.  
A year ago, Ngcebo sent me a song from his group Nativezz to feature on. During that time, South Africa was facing the most wicked thing I had ever heard about, the news about boyfriends kidnapping and killing their girlfriends was covering the nation with fear and darkness.  

"When darkness seems to be dominant, the light should shine even brighter." So, I wrote the lyrics to Intombi za'Baba, calling out to every man who would think to do anything as wrong as this. 

The crisis took place a year ago. In this year, twenty nineteen, As the struggle for our women to be free from fear continued, more bad news came along. This time I decided to record and release my latest single, As One. This release came as a response to two incidents; the murders of our women in South Africa and also the Xenophobic attacks that I previously posted about on my blog.

I am not sure if you notice that my tone is not aggressive at all as I write this post; that is because I have seen a way to our hope. I have found hope for our world; I say world because this is not a South African issue, the same thing is taking place all over the world, only with a different face. 

We all have something to give according to the grace in our lives. So, if you can inspire, please use that gift, it is not just for you, share it, and if you can smile and have the next person feel a warmth in the chest, we need your smile right now.  

These are serious issues, but there is a way to handle them. They were meant to make us feel heavy, think hard, and be angry; however, the continuation of all terror start in this way. If we have to respond to this, it will have to be with goodness and love. An evil response will only give rise to more evil. 

So, what do we do then? We forgive, we do our best to understand that the wicked people were not born evil but were shaped by their environment to be the way they are today. Perhaps we may not fix our world today, but hope remains if we start to condition the new generation. If we manifest goodness, kindness, and forgiveness in front of these young ones and write songs that reflect such qualities, we will win. So, come on, let us do this together.

The love we are (Africa) 

A month ago, Mundekulla Festival contacted me and asked if I would like to be a part of their festival, which was in honor of the ones that walked before us; I said yes. I would be representing Africa in this event. 

Soon the time for me to be there had come, and the most exciting things started to happen to me. As I was on my way there waiting for my taxi to pick me up from the station at Emmaboda; an African gentleman was sitting and eating his delicious looking pancakes with some red kind of jam, it looked good. The brother says to me after we had told our highs and how are yous; "Join me," and slides his fork over to me. Wow, how African that was. I just started to think about home and the South African saying, "the children of the same will share a single bird head." To honor the brother, I took one bite, as it would not be suitable for my voice to even have that one piece before singing.

I went on to the concert and had a fantastic time talking about my African people. The show was over, and I had to travel North by train that night. I got to a station where I had to wait an hour for my next train. There came a young man on a bicycle, he was also African, as to our culture we said greetings, and then I told him that I was hungry. Since it is around eleven in the night, the shops were closed, but he took me to a small chines street food corner where I got something to eat. I could see that the young man would do his best to help me in his neighborhood. I shared some older brotherly wisdom with him and something to drink as he walked me back to the station.

Now, as you can hear, my African siblings in South Africa; we as Africans take so much care of each other in foreign lands; I am because of my brethren here. When I first came to Sweden as an unknown musician, my African brothers came even from Denmark to support me in doing a non-paying gig that could hardly take care of their transport; we are one outside of Africa, let us be one inside also. Be creative! The land is enough for all of us. Instead of burning down your neighbor's mini shop, start your own if you believe that you can compete. What is this foolishness that we see on the news? I meet your brothers here, and they love me so much, but I always have to say I am sorry for hurting them. It is not good. Love yourself, my South African brother and sister, and remember what your neighbors did for you in the previous years. 


Photographer: Nanna Ludidi

Missing Home (South Africa) 

Over the years I have managed to master my emotions, at least that is what I had chosen to believe until this time. I find myself thinking and dreaming about South Africa; being there and hearing the music and being with the people. I left some friends there, and I am not sure how they are doing, are we still close? Would they tell me if things are not going the way that they had hoped? Such come to my mind. 

Recently, the Holy Spirit told me that I should not put such a burden upon myself but pray to Him to take care of every situation; to ask for wisdom and receive grace for everything. Now what that means is that my worry will not make anything work out for anyone but will only make me sick. 

I come out of it all; this is a decision that I make now, and I invite you to do the same. I will stop worrying and start singing songs of hope. Keep the heart free, and everything will fall into place. If my heart is healthy, then I am more likely to inspire others to keep a healthy heart that is full of hope. 

Let us do this together; let us have a worry-free life. Wohoooo!

I have here a video from one of the school concerts that I do in Sweden. Here I am accompanied by, Musik i Blekinge Duo, Unit.

Sijabulile (We are happy) is a song that I wrote with the feeling of being in Matatiele, South Africa, where I partly grew up as my grandfather's youngest son. Enjoy: