Missing Home (South Africa) 

Over the years I have managed to master my emotions, at least that is what I had chosen to believe until this time. I find myself thinking and dreaming about South Africa; being there and hearing the music and being with the people. I left some friends there, and I am not sure how they are doing, are we still close? Would they tell me if things are not going the way that they had hoped? Such come to my mind. 

Recently, the Holy Spirit told me that I should not put such a burden upon myself but pray to Him to take care of every situation; to ask for wisdom and receive grace for everything. Now what that means is that my worry will not make anything work out for anyone but will only make me sick. 

I come out of it all; this is a decision that I make now, and I invite you to do the same. I will stop worrying and start singing songs of hope. Keep the heart free, and everything will fall into place. If my heart is healthy, then I am more likely to inspire others to keep a healthy heart that is full of hope. 

Let us do this together; let us have a worry-free life. Wohoooo!

I have here a video from one of the school concerts that I do in Sweden. Here I am accompanied by, Musik i Blekinge Duo, Unit.

Sijabulile (We are happy) is a song that I wrote with the feeling of being in Matatiele, South Africa, where I partly grew up as my grandfather's youngest son. Enjoy:



                                                                                        photo: Nanna Ludidi, title: Stolen Moments

There are so many people out there in the world and I am happy and grateful for the ones that I get to interact with; in person or even just from a distance through the ability of observation and appreciation. I always like to engage. I talk to superstars and the other superstars that we never really see. They are interesting alike to me because they have chosen to be in their world and it is such a pleasure to be welcomed to share together with them and get to see and feel how they spend their lives.

One should live life purposefully; I mean, sometimes the challenges in life push us to choose which path we should go and through fear one easily chooses a safer way in life. Now my question is this: How will you say that you have won a race when you never ran it? 

Growing up I never thought that I could be a solo musician, even after I had chosen to take the call. I remember once, a prophet told me that I was a solo artist, I said no, I am not a solo artist! The wise man never bothered to argue with me. Years later I find myself giving up everything that could ever mean something; I mean I have lost so many people for the sake of being in my world.

The path becomes more and more narrow when you know and accept who you really are and the people that do not add to your path fall off along the way, even as you become more and more aware of where you are going.

This is the story of my life. I do not chase after anything, I believe that God has given me everything for my journey; the love, the music, people and more. I live without any care but sometimes people ask this of me, they feel that I should show a sense of worry a bit; they want me to be human a little. Well, these are the things that we were taught in life but they are really unnecessary, don't you think? Why worry about a glass of water when it is freely given to you? Ok, let me get to my point now.

This is me behind the stage waiting for my turn to be on the big stage at the Karlskrona Skärgårdsfest... I never saw it coming. I would be participating in the opening of the festival with Lulu; my guitar that is named after Lulu Dikana, my late friend, check out her music.

Paula Gullbing, another superstar in my life would introduce me and I would sing two songs that should inspire love and courage. For love, I took from my upcoming single, As One, and from courage and boldness, I took Phuma. I think that by now I should be thinking that I am a superstar, however, this is really taking me long because I never think of such things when it comes to me... I wonder if they possess any grace... I will never know until I test it.

Well, I will close this up for now but before that, I just want to give my best appreciation to Skärgårdsfest for having such a festival and for having me share my music with the people. Love to PingstKyrkan Karlskrona for having me at one of the festivals days on their stage, it was very nice to share from my upcoming Worship music project with you.

With love,

/Mpho Ludidi

Good times! 

Dear friends! I hope that you are well where you are!

I thought to share some good memories with you. Last week I had a pleasant travel to Uppsala where I stayed with Magnus Peterson and his daughter for half a day at their place; eating good food and tasting some Greek olive oil, hmm, that was refreshing. We listened to music and just had a relaxed time before we would have to travel to Klubb Mariama in Stockholm.

You know about a double cd concept right? What we had here was something similar; only that it was a live double concert. I shared the stage with Safoura Safavi; a beautiful musician on electric bass and vocals. She had come with a very tight band and also had some of her great musician friends from the audience come up on stage to join her and it was so good!

On my set, I started with Magnus Peterson (bass) and later were joined by Robin Cochrane (drums). I had played with Magnus before and I loved it, but it was a dream come true to play with Robin, as I had never played with him before and had desired to ever since I heard him play with his band; one of my favorite bands in the world, Sirocco.

It was a full house with an international audience and amongst them was Bambo Cissokho and my dear South African brother, André De Lang. It was heartwarming to have these two musicians come and see me on stage for the first time, I hope that they liked what they heard. 

I am now looking forward to going to network in New York and then travel to Denmark for a tour. #creategoodmemories

photographer: Felicia Fritzson

Until next time!

One love!

Latest School Concert 

A year ago I was invited to do a school tour along with the bass player, Lars Winberg. Now, my connection with uncle Lars is that I married his niece. The first time that I met him was at his birthday party where I got a chance to jam with him and his sons...we had a good time and later he talked to me about doing some school concerts and that just sat home in me, very much so because while I was in South Africa, I often thought about such events. When I was a kid, there came to our school a group of actors and they entertained us so well with their drama and inspired us for goodness so much that I have never stopped thinking about them, and now one of my biggest desires is to do the same for other kids.

Anyway, he made it possible to have a Denmark school tour and this year we were blessed to be joined by a Mozambican drummer, Deodato Siquir, who now has colored the music so well with his balanced personality and love on the drums and outside the stage; having had done so many school tours himself, he was at home when we went to Tornbjerg gymnasium last Tuesday.

Here is a link from last week's gig, Mpho Ludidi Trio - Tornbjerg Gymnasium website link check us out :-)

Keep the love,

Mpho Ludidi

An evening with The Electric Jazz Orchestra 

What an amazing time I had last night, listening to The Electric Jazz Orchestra at Restaurang Landbron. Such a high standard; I think that every musician in town should have been there to experience this bundle of inspiration. I could not contain it, hahaha. 

After four songs my body wanted to lay flat on the floor; such an overflow I have not felt since about a year ago when I went to see Pat Metheny in Uppsala and also Lizz Wright in Stockholm. 

The band was comprised of Oskar Appelqvist (organ), Kristofer Johansson (drums), Christan Fridh (guitar), Fredrik Davidsson (trumpet) and Linus Norda who kept me hanging on his vocal technique and sensitivity to the music; at that point I was convinced that the voice does not go beyond where he took it. I truely thought, "this is the end of the road, I have finally met the end of it; the completeness of voice"; what fullness of tone! 

I cannot stop to think of how well the band embraced Linus Norda like a blanket of cloud through their dynamics in every song. 

I took with me the joy on their faces as they made music through the evening in this acoustic soul looking restaurant.