Gratitudes of the year 2016

One is made out of much diversity. I usually say that I do not take credit to who I am because I am a product of the ones that I have come across in my life.
As a boy I remember growing up with my grandparents on the countryside away from the activities of apartheid... living in freedom and learning gentleness from my surroundings. 

This end of the year I find myself looking at my life with a smile of gratefulness in my heart over every soul that has touched my life to where I am now. 
Over here I would like to name a few only for the year 2016.

First of all is my wife Nanna and her parents Uffe and Lone. I am grateful to these because they have been very supportive with regards to my music and have encouraged me all the way to be myself and do what I do. 
Secondly I think of Musik i Blekinge for all the work that I have done through them this year and thirdly my beautiful friends in Uppsala and Stockholm and to name a few I would say the Salvation Army in Uppsala, all my musician friends and fans who were there in my presence when I was living in Uppsala and also Creperi Lemoni for taking me as one of their own and lastly in Sweden I think of the organisation Bilda. 
In Denmark is a very loving bass player, Lars Winberg whom you will be hearing a lot about in 2017, gratitudes to this one also.
It has been a very good year and I have some more people in my mind but the list won't end. 

Is there anybody or anything that you are grateful for this year, write it on the comment block just to release it and get ready for another good year.
I am sending all my love to you for taking time to read my news/blog page.

Happy New Year!

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