Reflections of the week

So much can happen in a single day and so much more within a week. I believe that it is a good thing to take time and reflect on everything and put your house in order.
By house I mean your spirit, soul and body. We come across many things out there and if we eat everything that the world offers us then we might get sick. 

I am gonna share what I met during this week...well, first I can say that I have learned so much more about myself just by being at work and meeting new people and working with Unit doing school tours. 

The days would start early when Kristofer Johansson would pick me up and we drive to a school while we listened to some music with me being the DJ. I made him listen to my South African favourites including Dumza Maswana, Sibongile Khumalo and Bheki Mseleku. We would sing along and this really got me to bond more with this lovely drummer from Unit. Niclas Höglind, the earliest bird at all times would be ready at venue for us to sound check and get the music going.

It is always so easy to work with these two, so much that by the time the show is done I don't feel tired but energised and empowered. Well that is what happens when you have strong and sensitive people to help you carry the music to the audience. The students also were so nice and attentive to the music, sang along and laughed together with us, it was so heart warming being with them.

So, If I have to take anything from this week, it will defiantly be this experience.

Love, Peace and Afro-Soul --- Blekinge School Tour 

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