Sweet times in Denmark

This past week I went to Denmark for a school tour with Lars Winberg, a lovely person and so fun and easy to play with; we spoke the same language on stage.
We had two days to prepare and that whole time was food to my soul. I always have an open heart whenever I play with him and always take something good for myself and you. My heart smiles as I write this...

The tour was named From South Africa with Love; A highlight of what one can do with love and was meant to provoke the listener with a question of how far one could go for love.
We wait in life very long saying that we are waiting for the right one, but how far will you go for that one? Will you step aside when things get tough and say that it was not meant to be, or will you seek wisdom and make it work?
I have come far for love and it is not always easy but humility paves the way to solutions for every challenge and the grace we apply ourselves to will see us through.

All the love to the students that we met in Denmark and best wishes for life! It was very nice to sing some South African songs from the Eastern Cape, South Africa with you; so much that I felt like I was home with my grandfather, Captain Ludidi.

All my love

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